Who Owns Evergreen RV

Who Owns Evergreen RV?

Evergreen RV is a well-known manufacturer of recreational vehicles (RVs) that has been providing quality products to customers for many years. However, determining who owns Evergreen RV can be a bit complicated due to changes in ownership over the years. In this article, we will explore the history of Evergreen RV and discuss its current ownership status.

Evergreen RV was founded in 2008 by Michael Schoeffler, a former CEO of Pilgrim International. Schoeffler aimed to create a company that would focus on building eco-friendly RVs without compromising on quality or comfort. The company quickly gained recognition for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, becoming a popular choice among RV enthusiasts.

In 2016, Evergreen RV faced financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy. At this point, the ownership of the company changed hands, and several attempts were made to revive the brand. In 2017, an investment group led by Jason Lippert, CEO of Lippert Components, acquired Evergreen RV’s assets and intellectual property. Lippert Components is a leading supplier of components for the RV and trailer industry.

Under the new ownership, Evergreen RV underwent restructuring and started producing RVs again. The company focused on incorporating Lippert Components’ advanced technology and expertise to enhance the quality and features of their products. With this collaboration, Evergreen RV aimed to regain its position in the market and deliver exceptional RVs to customers.

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Today, Evergreen RV operates as a subsidiary of Lippert Components, and the company’s headquarters is located in Middlebury, Indiana. Lippert Components has a strong presence in the RV industry, providing a wide range of components for various RV manufacturers. By owning Evergreen RV, Lippert Components can expand its product portfolio and offer customers a complete RV experience.

Evergreen RV’s current ownership by Lippert Components ensures the company’s stability and access to resources necessary for growth and innovation. Lippert Components’ extensive knowledge and expertise in the RV industry contribute to the continuous improvement of Evergreen RV’s products, making them more reliable and technologically advanced.


1. Are Evergreen RVs still being produced?
Yes, Evergreen RVs are still being produced under the ownership of Lippert Components.

2. Where are Evergreen RVs manufactured?
Evergreen RVs are manufactured in Middlebury, Indiana, where the company’s headquarters is located.

3. Can I buy an Evergreen RV directly from the manufacturer?
Evergreen RVs are available for purchase through authorized dealerships across the United States and Canada.

4. Are Evergreen RVs eco-friendly?
Evergreen RVs have a reputation for being eco-friendly, as the company emphasizes sustainability in its manufacturing processes.

5. What types of RVs does Evergreen RV produce?
Evergreen RV produces various types of RVs, including travel trailers and fifth wheels.

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6. Is Evergreen RV a reliable brand?
Evergreen RV has gained a reputation for producing reliable and high-quality RVs, backed by Lippert Components’ expertise.

7. Can I find replacement parts for my Evergreen RV?
As a subsidiary of Lippert Components, Evergreen RV benefits from a wide range of replacement parts available through Lippert’s extensive network of dealers and distributors.

In conclusion, Evergreen RV is currently owned by Lippert Components, a leading supplier of components for the RV industry. The acquisition by Lippert Components has allowed Evergreen RV to continue its operations and benefit from the company’s expertise and resources. As a result, Evergreen RV produces reliable, eco-friendly RVs and remains a popular choice among RV enthusiasts.