Who Buys Junk Cars in Denver Colorado

Who Buys Junk Cars in Denver Colorado: A Guide for Car Owners

If you own a junk car that is taking up valuable space in your garage or driveway, you may be wondering who buys junk cars in Denver, Colorado. Fortunately, there are several options available for selling your old, non-working vehicle. In this article, we will explore the various options for selling your junk car in Denver and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Junkyards and Salvage Yards:
One of the most common options for selling a junk car is to approach local junkyards or salvage yards. These businesses are known for buying vehicles in any condition, regardless of whether they are running or not. While they may offer a lower price than other options, they will generally provide a hassle-free experience and handle the towing of your car.

2. Online Car Buyers:
With the rise of online car buying platforms, selling your junk car in Denver has become easier than ever. Websites like CarBrain, CashForCars, and JunkCarMasters offer instant quotes for your vehicle and will even arrange for free towing. These online buyers often provide competitive prices and a convenient selling process.

3. Scrap Metal Buyers:
If your car is beyond repair and not worth salvaging, you may consider selling it to scrap metal buyers. These buyers will assess the value of your vehicle based on its weight and the current scrap metal prices. While you may not get as much money as selling to a salvage yard, it is an eco-friendly option to dispose of your junk car.

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4. Auto Wreckers:
Auto wreckers specialize in disassembling vehicles to salvage and sell individual parts. If your car has valuable parts that can be sold separately, selling to an auto wrecker can be a profitable option. However, this may require more effort on your part, as you may need to remove and sell the parts yourself.

5. Private Buyers:
If you have a rare or sought-after car, you may find private buyers who are interested in purchasing your junk car. Online classifieds, social media platforms, and local car enthusiasts’ groups can be helpful in connecting with potential buyers. However, finding a private buyer for a junk car can be time-consuming and may require some negotiation.


1. How much can I expect to get for my junk car in Denver?
The price you can get for your junk car in Denver depends on various factors such as its condition, make, model, and demand for its parts. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple buyers to ensure you are getting a fair price.

2. Do I need a title to sell my junk car?
While having a title makes the selling process easier, some buyers may still purchase your junk car without one. However, it is important to check the specific requirements of each buyer before proceeding.

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3. Will I need to tow my junk car?
Many buyers offer free towing services as part of their purchasing process. It is advisable to confirm this with the buyer before finalizing the sale.

4. Can I sell a car without keys?
Yes, most buyers will purchase your junk car even if you do not have the keys. However, it is recommended to inform the buyer about the missing keys in advance.

5. What documents do I need to sell my junk car?
Typically, you will need your vehicle title, a valid ID, and a bill of sale. However, the required documents may vary depending on the buyer and state regulations.

6. How long does the selling process take?
The selling process can vary depending on the buyer and the method you choose. Online buyers usually offer quick transactions, while selling to private buyers may take longer due to negotiations and paperwork.

7. What happens to my junk car after I sell it?
Once you sell your junk car, it will be either scrapped for metal, dismantled for parts, or repaired and resold by the buyer, depending on their business model and the condition of the vehicle.

In conclusion, if you are looking to sell your junk car in Denver, Colorado, there are various options available to you. From junkyards and salvage yards to online car buyers and scrap metal buyers, you can choose the method that suits your needs and preferences. It is always recommended to obtain multiple quotes and compare offers to ensure you receive a fair price for your junk car.

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