Where to Farm Mesa Warframe

Where to Farm Mesa Warframe: A Comprehensive Guide

Warframe is an action-packed, sci-fi shooter game that offers a vast array of unique frames for players to choose from. One such frame is Mesa, a gunslinger-themed Warframe known for her powerful abilities and impressive gunplay. Obtaining Mesa can be a bit tricky, but fear not, as we have prepared this guide to help you navigate through the process and find the best locations to farm for her parts.

1. What are Mesa’s Abilities?
Before we dive into the farming locations, let’s briefly discuss Mesa’s abilities. Her first ability, Ballistic Battery, allows her to store damage from her weapons and amplify it for her next shot. Shooting Gallery is her second ability, which grants her and her allies bonus damage while also jamming enemy weapons. The third ability, Shatter Shield, provides damage reduction against incoming projectiles. Finally, her fourth ability, Peacemaker, turns her into a turret, unleashing a barrage of high-damage shots.

2. How to Obtain Mesa’s Blueprint?
To start the journey towards obtaining Mesa, you need to obtain her Blueprint. It can be acquired from the Market for 35,000 credits. Once you have the Blueprint, it’s time to gather the parts.

3. How to Farm for Mesa’s Parts?
Mesa’s parts can be obtained by defeating the Mutalist Alad V boss, who drops Mesa’s Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis blueprints. However, Mutalist Alad V only appears in Eris, specifically on the mission node “Assassination.” Therefore, you need to complete the required prerequisites to unlock that planet and its missions.

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4. What are the Prerequisites to Unlock Eris?
To unlock Eris, you must complete the following prerequisites:
– Reach Mastery Rank 2.
– Complete the “Specter’s Dawn” quest, which is given by Cephalon Simaris in any Relay.
– Clear the “Patient Zero” quest given by Alad V in the Infested Invasions.

5. Which Mission Node to Farm for Mesa’s Parts?
Once you have unlocked Eris, head to the mission node “Assassination.” This is where you will face Mutalist Alad V and have a chance to obtain Mesa’s Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis blueprints. It is recommended to bring a well-equipped squad to increase your chances of success.

6. How to Increase the Drop Chance for Mesa’s Parts?
To increase the drop chance for Mesa’s parts, you can equip a Warframe with a Pilfering Swarm augment. This augment, available for Hydroid, allows enemies killed in his Tentacle Swarm ability to drop additional loot. Additionally, using a Resource Booster or a Resource Drop Chance Booster can also increase the chance of obtaining Mesa’s parts.

7. How to Assemble Mesa?
Once you have collected all three blueprints (Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis), head to your Foundry to begin crafting Mesa. Once crafted, you will need to wait for the timer to complete. After the timer expires, you can claim your brand-new Mesa Warframe.

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1. Can I trade for Mesa parts?
No, Mesa parts are not tradable. You can only obtain them by defeating Mutalist Alad V.

2. Can I use a specific Warframe to optimize the farming process?
While it is not necessary, using a Warframe with crowd control abilities, such as Nova or Vauban, can make the fight against Mutalist Alad V easier.

3. How many runs does it typically take to acquire all of Mesa’s parts?
The drop chance for Mesa’s parts is relatively low, so it may take several runs to obtain all the necessary blueprints. However, with a bit of luck and perseverance, you will eventually acquire them.

4. Can I farm Mesa’s parts solo?
Yes, it is possible to farm Mesa’s parts solo. However, having a squad can increase your chances and make the process more efficient.

5. Can I use the Void Relic system to obtain Mesa parts?
No, Mesa parts are not available through the Void Relic system. They can only be obtained by defeating Mutalist Alad V on Eris.

6. Can I use a Resource Drop Chance Booster to increase the drop chance of Mesa’s parts?
Yes, using a Resource Drop Chance Booster will increase the chances of obtaining Mesa’s parts, as it affects all loot drops.

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7. Are there any alternative methods to acquire Mesa?
Currently, farming Mutalist Alad V on Eris is the only known method to acquire Mesa. There are no alternative means, such as quests or events, to obtain her.

In conclusion, obtaining Mesa in Warframe requires patience and persistence. By farming Mutalist Alad V on Eris, you can collect Mesa’s blueprints and craft her powerful gunslinger frame. Remember to equip a Pilfering Swarm augment and utilize boosters to increase your drop chances. Good luck, Tenno, and may the loot be in your favor!