Where to Buy Slugs for Snakes

Where to Buy Slugs for Snakes: A Guide for Reptile Enthusiasts

Snakes are fascinating creatures that require a proper diet to thrive in captivity. While most snake owners rely on a diet of rodents, some snake species, such as garter snakes, rough green snakes, and certain species of kingsnakes, prefer a diet that includes slugs. Slugs are an excellent source of nutrition for these reptiles, providing essential vitamins and minerals. If you are a snake owner looking to add slugs to your pet’s diet, this article will guide you on where to buy slugs for snakes.

1. Local Pet Stores:
Many pet stores carry a variety of live feeders, including slugs. Check with your local pet store to see if they stock slugs for reptile consumption. Ensure that the slugs are bred specifically for reptile feeding and that they have not been exposed to any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

2. Online Reptile Supply Stores:
Numerous online reptile supply stores specialize in providing a wide range of live feeders for reptiles. These online platforms offer convenience, as you can browse and order slugs from the comfort of your home. Look for reputable stores that prioritize the health and well-being of the slugs they offer.

3. Local Reptile Breeders:
Reptile breeders are another excellent source for obtaining slugs for your snake. Reach out to local breeders who specialize in the species of snake you own. Many breeders also breed their own live feeders to ensure the quality and health of their animals. Buying from a breeder not only supports a local business but also allows you to ask specific questions about the slugs’ diet and care.

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4. Online Reptile Forums:
Reptile forums are a valuable resource for connecting with fellow snake enthusiasts and breeders. These forums often have sections dedicated to classified ads, where you can find slugs for sale. Engaging with the community can also provide you with insights and recommendations on reputable sources to buy slugs for your snake.

5. Herpetological Society Meetings:
Attending local herpetological society meetings or reptile expos can lead you to reliable sources for purchasing slugs. These events bring together reptile hobbyists, breeders, and vendors, creating a unique opportunity to network and find quality feeders for your snake. Additionally, you can attend educational talks and workshops to further enhance your knowledge of snake husbandry.


1. Are slugs a suitable food source for all snakes?
No, not all snakes should be fed slugs. Slugs are suitable for species like garter snakes, rough green snakes, and certain kingsnakes. Consult a reptile veterinarian or do thorough research to ensure that slugs are appropriate for your snake species.

2. Can I collect slugs from my garden?
Collecting slugs from your garden is not recommended. These slugs may have been exposed to pesticides or harmful substances that can be detrimental to your snake’s health. It’s crucial to source slugs from reputable breeders or suppliers.

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3. How should I store the slugs before feeding them to my snake?
Slugs should be stored in a well-ventilated container with a substrate that retains moisture, such as damp paper towels or moss. Ensure the container is clean and free from any contaminants.

4. How often should I feed slugs to my snake?
The frequency of feeding slugs to your snake depends on the species, age, and size of the snake. Consult a reptile veterinarian or refer to reputable snake care resources to determine the appropriate feeding schedule.

5. Should I gut-load the slugs before feeding?
Gut-loading involves feeding the slugs nutrient-rich foods before offering them to your snake. While not essential, gut-loading can enhance the nutritional value of the slugs. Leafy greens, fruits, and commercially available reptile supplements can be used for gut-loading.

6. Can I freeze slugs for later use?
Yes, you can freeze slugs to extend their shelf life. However, it’s crucial to freeze them properly to avoid freezer burn. Place them in a freezer-safe bag or container and ensure they are fully sealed. Thaw them thoroughly before feeding to your snake.

7. What signs should I look for to ensure my snake is accepting slugs as food?
Monitor your snake’s feeding response. If your snake shows interest in the slugs, actively pursues them, and consumes them without hesitation, this indicates acceptance. Regular weight checks and overall observation of the snake’s health are also crucial in ensuring a balanced diet.

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In conclusion, finding a reliable source for buying slugs for snakes is essential to ensure the health and well-being of your reptile companion. Local pet stores, online reptile supply stores, breeders, reptile forums, and herpetological society meetings are all viable options to explore. Remember to consider the specific needs of your snake species and seek advice from experts in the field to provide the best care for your beloved snake.