When Is Carrie Underwood in Phoenix

When Is Carrie Underwood in Phoenix?

Carrie Underwood, the multi-talented country music superstar, is set to grace the stages of Phoenix, Arizona, with her powerful vocals and captivating performances. Fans in the area are eagerly anticipating her arrival, hoping to witness her extraordinary talent live. If you’re one of those fans, here’s everything you need to know about when Carrie Underwood will be in Phoenix.

Carrie Underwood is scheduled to perform in Phoenix on Friday, September 10th, 2021. The concert will take place at the Ak-Chin Pavilion, a popular outdoor amphitheater known for its fantastic acoustics and spacious seating. The show is part of Underwood’s highly anticipated “The Cry Pretty Tour 360,” which showcases her latest album, “Cry Pretty.”

The concert promises to be a night to remember, filled with a blend of Carrie Underwood’s chart-topping hits and her soul-stirring new songs. Fans can expect a visually stunning production, as Underwood’s shows are renowned for their elaborate stage setups, dazzling light displays, and mesmerizing choreography.


1. How can I purchase tickets for Carrie Underwood’s Phoenix concert?
Tickets for Carrie Underwood’s Phoenix concert can be purchased through various platforms, including the official website of the Ak-Chin Pavilion, ticket resellers, and online ticket marketplaces. Make sure to buy your tickets from trusted sources to avoid any scams or counterfeit tickets.

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2. What time does the concert start?
The exact start time of the concert may vary, so it’s important to check the official website or your ticket for the most accurate information. Typically, concerts at the Ak-Chin Pavilion begin in the evening, around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM.

3. Are there any opening acts for Carrie Underwood’s Phoenix concert?
Yes, Carrie Underwood’s concert in Phoenix will feature special guest performances by other talented artists. The opening acts for the show will be announced closer to the concert date, so keep an eye out for updates from the event organizers.

4. What is the expected duration of the concert?
Carrie Underwood’s concerts typically last around two hours, including her own performances as well as those of the opening acts. However, the duration may vary slightly depending on factors such as the number of songs performed and any additional surprises or encores.

5. Can I bring a camera to the concert?
The Ak-Chin Pavilion has a camera policy that restricts professional cameras, detachable lenses, and recording equipment. However, small personal cameras and smartphones are generally allowed for personal use, as long as they do not disrupt the concert experience for others. It’s always a good idea to check the venue’s specific camera policy before attending the concert.

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6. Will there be any meet and greet opportunities with Carrie Underwood?
Carrie Underwood occasionally offers meet and greet opportunities for her fans. These opportunities may be available through special promotions, fan club memberships, or as part of VIP packages. To stay updated on any meet and greet announcements, follow Carrie Underwood’s official website and social media accounts.

7. Is there a dress code for the concert?
There is no specific dress code for Carrie Underwood’s concert in Phoenix. Fans usually come dressed comfortably, ready to enjoy the show and dance along to their favorite songs. It’s advisable to wear layers or bring a light jacket, as the temperature can drop in the evening.

Carrie Underwood’s upcoming concert in Phoenix is undoubtedly a highlight for country music enthusiasts in the area. With her soaring vocals, captivating stage presence, and an array of chart-topping hits, Carrie Underwood promises an unforgettable night of music and entertainment. Make sure to secure your tickets in advance and get ready to experience the magic of Carrie Underwood live in Phoenix.