What Is the State Motto for Colorado

What Is the State Motto for Colorado?

The state motto of Colorado is “Nil Sine Numine,” which translates to “Nothing Without Providence” in English. This Latin phrase has been the official motto of Colorado since 1876 when the state was admitted to the Union. The motto reflects the belief that the people of Colorado rely on divine guidance and blessings in all their endeavors.

Colorado, known for its breathtaking mountains, abundant wildlife, and vibrant cities, has embraced this motto as a symbol of its pioneering spirit and the connection between its residents and the natural world. The state’s diverse landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities have attracted people from all over the world, who are inspired by the motto to go out and explore the beauty that Colorado has to offer.


1. What is the origin of Colorado’s state motto?
The state motto “Nil Sine Numine” was adopted during the Colorado Constitutional Convention in 1876. The phrase was proposed by Judge William Gilpin, the first territorial governor of Colorado. It symbolizes the state’s gratitude for the blessings and guidance it receives from a higher power.

2. What does “Nil Sine Numine” mean?
“Nil Sine Numine” translates to “Nothing Without Providence” in English. It signifies the belief that the people of Colorado acknowledge the role of divine intervention in their lives and recognize the importance of being humble and grateful for the opportunities they receive.

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3. How does Colorado’s state motto reflect the state’s values?
The state motto reflects Colorado’s appreciation for the natural world and its commitment to preserving its beauty and resources. It emphasizes the state’s connection with nature and the belief that the people of Colorado are guided and blessed by a higher power.

4. Are there any other Latin mottos for U.S. states?
Yes, there are several U.S. states that have Latin mottos. For example, Arizona’s state motto is “Ditat Deus,” meaning “God enriches.” Nevada’s motto is “All for Our Country,” translated to “Omnia Pro Patria.” Kentucky’s motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” or “Deo gratiam habeamus,” meaning “Let us be grateful to God.”

5. Can the state motto be changed?
The state motto of Colorado is officially established in the state’s constitution. Changing the motto would require a constitutional amendment, which is a complex and lengthy process. While it is theoretically possible, there hasn’t been any significant effort to change the state motto in Colorado’s history.

6. Is the state motto widely recognized within Colorado?
Yes, the state motto is widely recognized and embraced by the people of Colorado. It can be seen on the state seal, the state flag, government buildings, and various official documents. The motto is also often used in official ceremonies and events, reinforcing its significance within the state.

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7. Is the state motto used in everyday life in Colorado?
While the state motto may not be mentioned or used explicitly in everyday conversations, its values and principles are ingrained in the culture and mindset of the people of Colorado. Many residents are proud of their state’s motto and find inspiration in it, driving their appreciation for nature and their pursuit of a fulfilling life.

In conclusion, the state motto “Nil Sine Numine” reflects the deep appreciation and connection the people of Colorado have with the natural world and their acknowledgment of divine intervention in their lives. This motto serves as a reminder for residents and visitors alike to be grateful for the blessings they receive and to explore and cherish the beauty that Colorado has to offer.