How to Store Dishes in RV

How to Store Dishes in an RV: Maximizing Space and Organization

When it comes to RV living, maximizing space and organization becomes crucial. This is especially true when it comes to storing dishes in your recreational vehicle. With limited storage options, it can be challenging to keep your dishes secure, easily accessible, and in pristine condition. In this article, we will explore some practical tips to store dishes in an RV effectively. Additionally, we will answer some frequently asked questions to help you make the most of your RV kitchen space.

1. Utilize Stackable Plates and Bowls:
Investing in stackable plates and bowls is a smart way to save space in your RV kitchen cabinets. These dishes can be neatly stacked on top of each other, allowing you to store more in a smaller area. It is essential to find plates and bowls that are durable and designed specifically for stacking, ensuring they remain intact during travel.

2. Opt for Lightweight and Unbreakable Dishware:
Since RVs are prone to movement and vibrations while on the road, it is wise to choose lightweight and unbreakable dishware. Consider options like melamine or bamboo plates and bowls, which are durable, lightweight, and less likely to shatter during travel. This choice will not only help prevent breakage but also reduce the overall weight of your RV.

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3. Use Dish Racks and Organizers:
To optimize cabinet space, consider using dish racks and organizers specifically designed for RVs. These racks come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to store dishes vertically, making the most of the available space. You can install these racks inside the cabinets or on the walls to keep your dishes secure and easily accessible.

4. Secure Glassware with Non-Slip Shelf Liners:
To prevent glassware from sliding and breaking while in transit, use non-slip shelf liners. These liners help create a cushioning effect, reducing the risk of breakage. Simply cut the liners to fit the shelves and place them underneath your glassware. This simple addition will keep your glassware safe and secure during travel.

5. Utilize Drawer Dividers:
Drawer dividers are excellent tools to keep your smaller dishware items organized. They allow you to separate utensils, measuring spoons, and other kitchen essentials, preventing them from getting mixed up or lost in the chaos of the road. Drawer dividers also help maximize the available drawer space and make it easier to locate specific items.

6. Store Plates Vertically:
Rather than stacking plates horizontally, try storing them vertically. This method not only saves space but also prevents them from sliding and potentially breaking. Use plate holders or adjustable dividers inside your cabinets to keep the plates in an upright position.

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7. Secure Pots and Pans with Tension Bars:
Tension bars are an efficient way to secure your pots and pans while on the move. Install these bars inside your cabinets, and they will create a barrier, preventing your cookware from shifting during travel. This way, you can avoid the noise and potential damage that can occur when pots and pans collide.


1. Can I use regular dishware in my RV?
Using regular dishware in your RV is possible, but it is recommended to opt for lightweight and unbreakable alternatives. RV-specific dishware or melamine and bamboo options work best due to their durability and lightweight nature.

2. How do I prevent dishware from rattling while driving?
To prevent dishware from rattling, use non-slip shelf liners, stack plates vertically, and secure pots and pans with tension bars. These methods will minimize movement and reduce the risk of breakage.

3. Can I store dishes in overhead compartments?
Yes, overhead compartments are ideal for storing dishes. However, make sure the dishes are securely packed and consider using non-slip liners or tension bars to prevent movement and breakage.

4. How do I organize small kitchen essentials in my RV?
Use drawer dividers to keep smaller kitchen essentials organized. This will help prevent them from getting lost or mixed up during travel.

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5. Are there any space-saving alternatives for storing glassware?
Consider using collapsible silicone cups or stemless wine glasses to save space when storing glassware in your RV. These options are easy to store and take up less space than traditional glasses.

6. Should I use paper or plastic plates to save space?
While paper or plastic plates may save space, they are not the most eco-friendly option. Opting for reusable, lightweight alternatives like melamine or bamboo plates is a more sustainable choice.

7. How often should I declutter and reorganize my RV kitchen cabinets?
To maintain an organized RV kitchen, it is recommended to declutter and reorganize your cabinets every few months or as needed. This will help you stay on top of any clutter and optimize your storage space.

In conclusion, storing dishes in an RV requires careful consideration to maximize space and ensure the safety of your dishware. By using stackable, lightweight, and unbreakable options, along with utilizing organizers and secure storage methods, you can keep your dishes organized and intact while on the road. Remember to periodically declutter and reorganize to maintain an efficient and functional RV kitchen. Happy travels!