How Much Do Iphones Cost in Mexico

How Much Do iPhones Cost in Mexico?

iPhones have become one of the most popular and sought-after smartphones in the world, known for their sleek design, advanced features, and seamless user experience. If you are considering buying an iPhone in Mexico, it is essential to understand the pricing options and factors that affect the cost. In this article, we will delve into the various models and their prices, as well as answer some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

iPhone Pricing in Mexico:

The cost of iPhones in Mexico can vary depending on several factors, including the model, storage capacity, and any additional features. Here is an overview of the latest iPhone models and their prices in Mexican Pesos (MXN):

1. iPhone SE (2020): The most affordable option, starting at around MXN 7,999 for the 64GB model, MXN 9,999 for the 128GB model, and MXN 11,999 for the 256GB model.

2. iPhone XR: This model starts at approximately MXN 12,999 for the 64GB version, MXN 14,999 for the 128GB version, and MXN 16,999 for the 256GB version.

3. iPhone 11: The iPhone 11 is available from around MXN 16,999 for the 64GB variant, MXN 18,999 for the 128GB variant, and MXN 21,499 for the 256GB variant.

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4. iPhone 11 Pro: This premium model starts at approximately MXN 24,999 for the 64GB version, MXN 27,999 for the 256GB version, and MXN 31,999 for the 512GB version.

5. iPhone 11 Pro Max: The largest and most expensive iPhone, starting at around MXN 27,999 for the 64GB variant, MXN 31,999 for the 256GB variant, and MXN 35,999 for the 512GB variant.

Factors Affecting iPhone Prices in Mexico:

Apart from the model and storage capacity, several other factors can influence the price of iPhones in Mexico:

1. Exchange Rates: The value of the Mexican Peso in comparison to the US Dollar affects the overall cost of imported iPhones.

2. Import Taxes and Duties: Mexico imposes import taxes and duties on electronic devices, including smartphones, which contribute to the final retail price.

3. Retail Markup: Retailers in Mexico often add a markup to cover their expenses, such as shipping, storage, and marketing, which can slightly increase the cost of iPhones.

4. Availability and Demand: The availability of certain iPhone models and their popularity among consumers can also impact their pricing.


1. Can I buy an unlocked iPhone in Mexico?
Yes, you can purchase unlocked iPhones in Mexico. Unlocked iPhones allow you to use any compatible SIM card from a local or international carrier.

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2. Can I buy iPhones directly from Apple in Mexico?
Yes, Apple has official retail stores in Mexico where you can buy iPhones directly. Additionally, you can also purchase iPhones from authorized resellers and online marketplaces.

3. Are iPhones more expensive in Mexico compared to the US?
Generally, iPhones are slightly more expensive in Mexico than in the US due to import taxes, duties, and currency exchange rates. However, the price difference may vary depending on the specific model and storage capacity.

4. Can I finance an iPhone purchase in Mexico?
Yes, Apple and some authorized retailers in Mexico offer financing options, allowing you to pay for your iPhone in installments.

5. Are there any discounts or promotions available for iPhones in Mexico?
Occasionally, retailers in Mexico may offer discounts or promotions on iPhones, especially during special events or holidays. It’s worth checking with different retailers to find the best deals.

6. Can I use a US-bought iPhone in Mexico?
Yes, iPhones purchased in the US are compatible with Mexican networks. However, ensure that the iPhone is carrier unlocked to use it with a local Mexican SIM card.

7. Can I claim a tax refund for iPhones purchased in Mexico?
Unfortunately, Mexico does not offer tax refunds for purchases made within the country. Therefore, you will not be able to claim a tax refund for your iPhone purchase.

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In conclusion, the cost of iPhones in Mexico varies depending on the model, storage capacity, and additional features. Understanding these factors, as well as the FAQs provided, can help you make an informed decision when purchasing an iPhone in Mexico.