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    Aaron NevilleASU Concerts at the Center – Valley of the Sun Youth Harp Extravaganza

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    Kingman Hog Days

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    Burt & Me

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  • Kartchner Caverns: One of the Great Wonders of the World!

    Enjoy round trip transportation from Sierra Vista to experience a stunning limestone cave that boasts world-class features.

  • MOONLIT GUIDED HIKE (Sunset) in the Phoenix area

    Enjoy a day with one of our brilliantly beautiful sunsets followed by a moonlit guided hike. Flashlights & black lights with an experienced trail guide will guide your way. It's a real fun time.

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Kaibab-Paiute Tribe

The Kaibab-Paiute Reservation is on the Arizon/Utah border and covers over 120,000 acres of plateau and desert grassland and is situated along Kanab Creek in northern Arizona.

The reservation is surrounded by a wonderland of historic recreation and geological sights. Pipe Spring National Monument is located immediately adjacent to Tribal Headquarters. The Vermillion Cliffs are a site to see as you drive along the reservation as well as the Steamboat Rock formation. Just a few hours drive away is the North Rim, Grand Canyon National ParkCedar Breaks National Monument, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and other scenic attractions.  Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and Lake Mead National Recreation Areas are all within easy touring distance.

The Kaibab-Paiute are one of 10 member tribes of the Southern Paite nation that live along the southern Great Basin and San Juan-Colorado River draniage.  Members of the Kaibab-Paite Tribe speak a Uto-Aztecan language, in addition to English.  The economy centers largely on tourism and the livestock industry.

Things To Do

Pipe Spring National Monument/Kaibab-Paiute Tribal Cultural Center this monument is a result of a treaty signed at Fort Defiance. Link to page


Where To Stay

For informaton regarding lodging, contact Fredonia Chamber of Commerce at (928)643-7241 or Fredonia Town Office at (928) 643-7241.

Location and Nearby Communities


Arizona Highway 389 crosses the reservation and is the main route for touris travel between Las Vegas, NV and lake Powell.  It is approximately one hour's drive to Zion National Park, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument from Fredonia.

Nearby Communities:


Contacting the Tribe

1 N. Pipe Spring Rd.,
Fredonia, AZ 86022
(928) 643-7245


Contact Information

1 N. Pipe Spring Rd.
Fredonia, AZ 86022

Phone: (928) 643-7245
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